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Covid-19 virus: Health Insurance Options, a conversation with the specialists - March 2020

May 25, 2021

Recording from March 2020

There is a lot going on with the Covid-19 virus. Employers are looking for help managing health insurance while letting employees go. Employees are going crazy because they could lose their job if they haven't already. Then figuring out health insurance on top of it. Look no further. Health Insurance Specialists, Eric Wilson, Jason Denniston, and Butch Zemar walk through a conversation to help.

  • Explore all your options
  • Income is a driving factor for any premium tax credit
  • Pros and cons for hospital plans
    • You need to package it right to minimize financial exposure
  • Watch out for the purple unicorn of the industry

Eric Wilson 815-372-1363

Jason Denniston 260-213-3323

Butch Zemar 708-535-3006


For more information on Elite Benefits of America, contact Butch at 708-535-3006 or visit

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