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Early Planning | Stay in Compliance to Avoid Penalties | Interview with Chad Granger with PrimePay

April 30, 2021

Early planning for the renewal is key to stay ahead.  There are always things to chip away to make the benefits program better. At the same time, save money on premium and avoid compliance issues that could cost the business 10's thousands of dollars. 

  • Case Study - Savings of 20%!
  • Evaluating time spent in planning
  • Write out goals and issues to help with planning
  • Review with your broker now
    • Give us a call for a 2nd opinion

Interview with Chad Granger -PrimePay

  • Compliance is important

    • Avoid the fines!
  • Compliance tool assessment
    • Find your holes in compliance
  • Technology tools for employers to save time and money!

For more info about PrimePay, Please contact Chad Granger at cgranger or 518 312-8955. Also visit


For more information about Butch Zemar and Elite Benefits of America, please visit or call 708-535-3006.


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