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Elevate Your Game and Craft your Content Pillars with Jason Finn, Poker Broadcaster | The Zemar Podcast

October 18, 2022

Ever feel like your marketing falls apart? Jason Finn with Geek Chicago fills us in on how to craft pillars to keep your marketing up and going. Jason walks us through the process of marketing your business, whether you are in Real Estate, Insurance, or just a small mom-and-pop. 

  • Elevate Your Marketing Game
  • Individual versus Company Branding
  • Content Pillars of Marketing
  • The Game of Poker - Broadcaster
  • Learn to play Poker

A quick update on open enrollments 2023!


To reach to Jason Finn, for marketing

For real estate:

or call 773-979-9499


For more information on Elite Benefits of America, contact Butch at 708-535-3006 or visit 


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