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Key Deadlines | Case Study on Savings | You Won‘t Save Money By Staying

November 24, 2021

A lot going on in the 4th quarter of 2021 - Employers are more willing to look at options to save money. Are you receiving those options?

In this episode: 

  • Updates on open enrollments
  • Key deadlines
  • Community rating (ACA groups) are not scalable
  • Old School or New School?
  • Current benefits programs work against employers - Change it!
  • Case Study - Save money!
  • Compare your renewal with at least one other insurance company proposal
  • Start learning about your options with Level-Funded / Self-funded proposals
  • If you can save money, but you stay where you are, how will you ever know?

For more information on Elite Benefits of America, contact Butch at 708-535-3006 or visit

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