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The Healthcare Manifesto | Interview with Robert Slayton

October 29, 2021

Robert Slayton is making waves doing the right thing for Employers and their benefits program. In his new book, The Healthcare Manifesto, he walks CFOs, Owners and Employers through what it takes to reverse the healthcare costs in an easy to read format. Pick up your copy today!

  • Who is Robert Slayton?
  • The Healthcare Manifesto, the book
  • Do your research on doctors!
  • Risk comes in 4 categories 
  • Using a Medical Managment Company and what do they do for you to control costs and outcomes
  • Broker compensation models that works against the employers interests
  • What if you were over paying your broker and didn’t know it?
  • Best Selling book

CFOs, owners and employers need to read this book. Pick up a copy today or schedule a meeting with Robert at 

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