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What is a Successful Benefits Renewal for Your Company? | Case Study with Real Savings! | Commission Disclosures

September 2, 2021

Benefits renewal season is here! Grab your coffee, a pen, and a notepad and jot down these notes. Get ahead of the curve for your open enrollment.

  • Mid-year renewal case study
  • How to calculate your risk
  • Give the power back to the employees with their benefits
  • Cost control measures for the CFO/Owners
  • What is a Successful Benefits Renewal?
  • Options for employers of different sizes
  • Challenging the renewal process
  • What is new for 2022
  • Commission Disclosures for Brokers
    • Accountability for both the broker and the employer
    • new fee schedules coming soon

Download your renewal checklist here.

For more information on Elite Benefits of America, contact Butch at 708-535-3006 or visit


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